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Ngoc Nguyen An LLC, Authorized Distributor of:

  • Franklin Electric USA, a global leader in the production and marketing of systems and components for the movement of water and automotive fuels. Recognized as a technical leader in its specialties, Franklin serves customers around the world in residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, municipal, and fueling applications, includes Submersible Pumps and Submersible Motors from 4 inch up to 16 inch, power up to 540 HP with flow rate up to 1.200 m3/h, sewage pumps, vertical multi-stages pumps, Horizontal multi-stage pumps etc.
  • ProMinent Chemical & Metering Pumps, a manufacturer of components and systems in the field of fluid handling and also a reliable partner for water treatment. Based on our innovative products, services and industry-specific solutions we provide more efficiency and safety for our customers – worldwide.
  • Showfou Pumps, A Professional Taiwan Pump and Blower manufacturer in producing and marketing all kind of pumps, motors, blowers